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Puppets by the Carranzas 

For birthday parties, your child has his or her choice of two delightful hand puppet shows: "The Three Little Pigs" or "The True Story of Little Red Riding Hood".  Either show can be presented in your home, your child's classroom, or at a place of your choice (indoors only).

Mr. Clown, the 2-foot-tall marionette (string puppet) and Jack, the Jack-in-the-box, also come as part of the party package. They add laughs to the festivities and, to personalize the show, get the entire party to wish your child a "Happy Birthday".

Life-size puppets by Puppet Pizzazz-  from strolling socialites, to penguins, martians, and just about any theme you can imagine. Available for walkaround and educational shows.

Puppets by Jean - Jean is the premier marionette artist in town. She has many shows to choose from including her very popular medley show that includes an assortment of short popular stories that kids know and love!


Carranza Puppets has a variety of puppet shows which are performed in the Greater Houston area for libraries and day care schools. The audience size limit varies depending on the staging area provided, but generally for proper viewing, it is a maximum of 125 people. The Reading Show" - This delightful presentation features an array of trick marionettes, hand puppets and ventriloquism. The show expounds on the virtues of reading and does so in a way that is instructive, comprehensive, and leaves the

This whimsical version of an old favorite is brought together by the charming Three Little Pigs and Gullible Wolf. Children of all ages will be delighted by the collapsing houses and the original music! This is a 30 minute hand puppet show with an additional marionette variety act.

This 30 minute marionette variety show is packed with lots of fun characters.  It features The Skating Clown, The Juggling Jester, Bosco, The Trapeze Monkey, Freddy The Unicyclist Clown and many more clown and circus animal acts!

This wonderful version of an old favorite may teach you to hear both sides of a dispute before you decide who is right! It is told from the wolf’s point of view. Partake of a bit of fantasy as the story reveals “What really happened” with much humor and audience participation.  This is a 30 minute hand puppet show with an additional marionette variety act.