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All the psychics we book are fun, upbeat and know their stuff! Whether you would like tarot cards, palm reading, fortune telling or handwriting analysis, we have just the psychic for you.

          Lindy with her Psychic headpiece.

Lindy Lumbert - will invite volunteers on stage and read their eyes, their hands and their handwriting. She'll see what the cards say about them and show them how a pendulum works. She'll even guide the entire group to have a twilight experience of their own.


Gloria Favuzza-Sister Glo, has been a fixture at Houston area psychic fairs since 1999. She got her first reading when she was 16 years old and has been seeking advanced knowledge ever since.  Gloria specializes in astrology and tarot readings, often cross referencing the two for greater depth. 


Pat Rickard-Pat Rickard makes her full-time living as a Psychic Reader, Spiritualist and Palmist. You Texas Renaissance Festival and Excalibur Faire fans will no-doubt remember her as Madame Fatima. She is the house professional spiritualist for Lone Star Spirits Paranormal Investigations and has been on television many times as such. She teaches psychic development courses, hosts a weekly psychic circle group, and occasionally does a seance at Tranquil Thymes (but not during Mercury Retrograde). She does do parties, but expect to book way ahead because the woman is busy.

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