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Yogi Baird

The World's Only Violinist Contortionist!!

You might say that Yogi really gets wrapped up in his work. Yogi Baird launched his musical talents at the age of ten, when he began playing in the school orchestra. It was known immediately by those around him that Yogi Baird was destined for greatness.

In 1978, Yogi moved to Houston, Texas where he began practicing the art of Hatha Yoga. Yogi's disciplined training includes no less that three to six hours of yoga and stretching daily. Combining master yoga techniques with his phenomenal fiddle talent, Yogi became "The Worlds Only Fiddle Playing Contortionist". The unique ability of this twisted combination first gained national attention in 1983 with Yogi's first television appearance on ABC's hit show "That's Incredible". The same year, Yogi Baird's picture hit the front page of newspapers worldwide, with an article in National Enquirer. Since then, Yogi had appeared on major television shows worldwide.

Yogi recently performed on the "Crook & Chase show on ABC and Viva Variety" on Comedy Central. He has toured Chile, Mexico, Singapore, Europe, Japan.

In spring of 1998, Yogi released his third album, a single and a video from the album entitled "Fiddle Rock".

From the humble beginnings of this Texas schoolboy to the internationally acclaimed television movie and concert performer, Yogi rise to fame had not come without hard work, dedication and discipline. Discipline that takes to be a respected professional entertainer known around the world.

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