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70's Theme Party

We really set the dancefloor on FIRE in the '70s...might've been the combination of POPPERS and LIT CIGARETTES, too!Nightlife's ULTIMATE Candy Store!

Your guests arrive at the big tent. But this is no ordinary big tent... It's Studio 54.

Fortunately "your people" know some people who know the bouncer, a tall Rasta guy named Malcolm.

Once inside, your hear the disco music and see a DJ with biggest fro and the tallest shoes you've ever seen (with goldfish in the heels)

The dance floor is lighted, mirror balls rotate on the table, and you hear the funky beat of "Disco Duck".

Suddenly, the lights come up and if you are not mistaken, you see 4 disco dancers with Tony Manero from Saturday Night Fever. You watch in disbelief as they perform a choreographed dance routine better than anything that you remember from the movie.


Saturday Night Fever "Tony Manero" look-alike

70's Decor

Lighted Dance Floor

Pimp Daddy Character


Saturday Night Fever Show

Disco Band

Interactive DJ with mirror ball, lights and 70s costume

Rock Star Look-alikes